The New 'Pretty Little Liars' Opening Title Sequence Is Here -- And It Reveals A Huge Clue

It's every bit as epic as you hoped it would be.

New season, new look! "Pretty Little Liars" is jumping ahead five years in Season 6B, and the show has a fancy new opening title sequence to go with it.

This time, all five Liars -- yes, Ali is there, front and center -- are donning their best funeral ensembles for the brand new intro, which thankfully still features the now-iconic "PLL" tune, "Secret" by The Pierces. E! Online debuted the first look at the new opening sequence, which you can watch below:

For the most part, the "Pretty Little Liars" opening is the same as you remember it. The girls are still ***flawless, but these new looks are definitely more sophisticated than the previous ones. There is one major change, however -- one that makes Lucy Hale very happy. All of the Liars get the opportunity to "shhh" in the opening, and even cooler? They will switch off every few episodes.

Of course, then there's the question of WHOSE funeral they're attending. If Ali isn't the girl in the casket anymore, then who is? According to executive producer Marlene King, this will be the mystery of the season.

Can it just be 2016 already?!

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