Busta Rhymes Says The World Actually Came To An End In 2001

By Ade Mangum (@HollywoodeAde)

Since Busta Rhyme’s solo debut was released in 1996 he has been very vocal about the apocalypse. On his first album The Coming fans were warned as Bus shouted out “There’s only five years left!” Busta spoke with MTV News this week and clarified his countdown to destruction, telling us, “I never said that the world was going to end in a literal sense."

Busta said  his 2001 album Genesis was supposed to be the symbolism of the new world.” He then spoke of the irony that in his countdown to 2001 it was coincidentally the same year as 9/11.

“In 2001 the world as we knew it, the world changed because of the twin towers," he said. He elaborated on that as he mentioned the laws that have taken effect as a result of the tragedy such as strict security at airports and the profiling of patrons in the airport. He continued “The world as we new it did come to an end in 2001.”

Busta was joined with Reek the Villian and J Doe of The Conglomerate and they mocked the Mayan end of the world predictions. They looked down at their watches noting that it was December 21, and nothing had happened. Busta was so confident that the apocalypse isn’t taking place that he released  his latest mixtape on the same day as the supposed end of days. If we survive the day, download Catastrophic and show appreciation to Busta and the Conglomerate for debunking the prophecy.

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