Christina Aguilera Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Singer and husband Jordan welcomed Max Liron Bratman on Saturday evening.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman welcomed a baby boy on Saturday evening, according to the singer's Web site. It's the first child for the singer, 27, and Bratman, a music executive whom she [article id="1514186"]married on November 19, 2005.[/article]

Max Liron Bratman weighs 6 pounds and 2 ounces and measures 20.5 inches, according to the site; a press release issued Sunday (January 13) states that he was born at 10:05 p.m. PT on Saturday, and that Christina is "resting and doing well!" The announcement is accompanied by the following note on the singer's site:

"Dear fans,

"Today is a very joyful and special day for Jordan and I as we welcome our first son into this world.

"In honor of our love for each other and our growing family, I have put together a special video for the song 'Save Me From Myself' off my Back to Basics album. This video is very dear to me as it includes actual footage from our personal wedding video!

"Just a little something to say 'thank you' for your undying love and support. It is in no small part because of you that I live such a blessed and wonderful life! Please download and enjoy...

"With all my love,


Aguilera's pregnancy, which had been rumored since early July, was [article id="1569232"]unexpectedly announced by Paris Hilton[/article] at a party held in Las Vegas during VMA week in early September. "Congratulations to the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world, you're gorgeous," Hilton said to a packed crowd, while Aguilera sat nearby in uncomfortable silence.

The singer [article id="1573746"]confirmed her status[/article] to Glamour UK in November, saying, "I'm hoping to have started a beautiful family with my husband! ... He's thrilled! He's just great." After giving that interview, she revealed to Marie Claire for the magazine's December cover story that the pregnancy was a surprise.

"I just wasn't commenting," she said about staying mum for so long on the pregnancy. "I'm not being like, 'Hey, everybody, I'm pregnant!' I'm not that girl. Because I hadn't said anything, people thought I was trying to keep it this big, bad secret, and that's not the case at all."

Aguilera elaborated, saying she wouldn't comment publicly on the news in order to keep her baby as safe and healthy as possible while on her Back to Basics tour, which still had a month's worth of dates left when Aguilera found out that she was pregnant. The show, which included 10 costume changes and somewhat dangerous stunts, made Aguilera "paranoid" about endangering her child, she said.

"There are so many things that could go wrong -- somebody could slip, somebody could fall, I could fall," she said. "There was no way in hell I was going to jeopardize my baby for my show," she insisted, admitting to that she wore a hidden heart monitor to keep track of her body's homeostasis. "[I took precautions, but] I didn't want to make the audience uncomfortable, like, 'Pregnant lady onstage! Is she going to be OK?' "

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