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Fat Joe, Others To Protest Puerto Rican Bombing Exercises

Fat Joe, the Arsonists, the Rock Steady Crew, and Tony Touch are among the artists expected to turn out next week in New York City for what is being called a "freedom concert" for the people of Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Ivy Queen, Bobbito (a.k.a. Cucumber Slice), TKA, Tony Bones & Mr. Live, Welfare Poets, and Nuevo Nivel Nixiwei are also lined up to hit New York's Great Hall at Cooper Union University on Thursday, October 5, for the show. Proceeds from the concert are earmarked for the movement to educate people about the U.S. Navy's military exercises on the small Puerto Rican island of Vieques.

The Navy owns roughly two-thirds of Vieques and has used the land for weapons storage and bombing exercises since the 1940s. Last year, a local civilian guard on the Naval bombing range was killed in one such exercise, inspiring a wave of protests. A referendum is expected next year, by which islanders may vote the Navy off the island, and President Clinton has promised

that the military would honor the result of such a vote.

Ricky Martin also has been an outspoken opponent of bombing exercises on Vieques (see [article id="1431854"]"Ricky Martin Visits White House"[/article]).