Meet Quentin Miller, The 'Ghostwriter' Meek Mill Named In Drake Rant

Meek called out the Atlanta rapper by name.

During his anti-Drake tirade on Twitter last night, Meek Mill dropped the name of Atlanta artist, Quentin Miller. This is presumably who he was crediting with penning Drizzy's verse on their collaboration "R.I.C.O." and, naturally, now everyone is curious about Miller.

Atlanta rising star, OG Maco didn't waste any time sharing the details, in a series of tweets where he claimed that Miller has been writing for Drake for a very long time without getting his due credit.

But, it doesn't look like the OVO team has been trying too hard to hide their affiliation with Quentin Miller.

The Altanta rapper was tagged in multiple photos by one of Drake's BFFs OVO Ryan, even around the time that If You're Reading This Too Late dropped in February.

As OG Maco pointed out, Miller is listed as a writer on several of those mixtape songs, including "6 Man," "Now & Forever," "Company" and "You & The 6."

So if Miller has received credit, he isn't exactly a ghostwriter, but Maco's manager, Steven Dingle, suggested that there was much more than that. "Lets keep a MILLION, did it ever occur to yall that QM wrote on MORE than the songs he got writer credits for? Making him a ghostwriter," he tweeted.

It is also important to note that Miller received no credit on Meek's "R.I.C.O." and it is still unclear whether he contributed to that song in any way.

OG Maco/Twitter


The name tagged in OVO Ryan's Instagram photos leads us to the this page for Quentin Miller, which only has a handful of posts, but you can find his work on YouTube, like the below video called "All Around Feeling."

And on his SoundCloud page, there are songs like "Cinematic," produced by Boi-1da, who is one of Drake's in-house OVO producers. Not to mention "Thanks...From Toronto."

We also know that Quentin Miller is part of a duo called WDNG Crshrs, who recently released a mixtape called UTDinfiniti, which received some blog love when it dropped, along with the video for "Combination."

In spite of the curiosity surrounding him right now, it doesn't seem like Quentin Miller wants any part of the drama though. At least, according to OG Maco.

OG Maco/Twitter


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