Victoria Justice Turns The Heat WAY Up In This New ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Clip: Watch

But is she any match for Gregg Sulkin's 'Milkshake?'

It’s a battle of the MTV babes! Former “Eye Candy” star Victoria Justice and “Faking It” hottie Gregg Sulkin are going toe-to-toe on this week’s “Lip Sync Battle,” and judging from the episode’s first official preview, things are about to get seriously H-O-T, y’all.



Rather than play it safe by channeling one of her pop contemporaries, Victoria upped the “wow” factor by throwing it back for a sexy rendition of Nelly’s 2002 jam “Hot in Herre.” Accompanied by a squad of killer backup dancers, Vic — sporting Nelly’s signature bandaid under her eye — pops and locks her little heart out, much to the amusement of windblown color commentator Chrissy Teigen.

But will Victoria emerge “Victorious” (sorry, had to)?! Judging by another sneak peek that Gregg shared on Instagram, we’d say this might just be the closest “LSB” showdown yet.

Warning: this clip isn’t for the faint of heart. If a shirtless, ‘fro-donning, Kelis-singing Gregg Sulkin is too much hotness for your soul to handle, then you might want to avert your thirsty AF eyes.

All together now: “DAYYYYUM!”

Gregg also made it perfectly clear that grinding all up on Victoria was just in good fun (and definitely not reason for his girlfriend, Bella Thorne, to be jealous).

“#AlwaysAwkwardToDoThatToAFriend #FilmedALongTimeAgo,” he captioned the clip, hinting that the battle went down long before he was one-half of our new fave celeb couple.

Suffice to say, this duel looks like a must-watch display of all-out sexiness, and we are HERE FOR IT. Watch the whole thing go down when it airs Thursday (July 30) on Spike.

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