Lana Del Rey Burns Up L.A. In 'West Coast' Video: Watch

Black and white and Lana all over.

Lana Del Rey goes all sad L.A. screen queen in her new video for "West Coast," off of her upcoming sophomore record, Ultraviolence.

A continuation of a clip that heralded the release of the single, the mostly black-and-white video features Lana swaying on a beach with a long-haired paramour; languidly lying on the shoulder of a shades-sporting older man in a convertible (perhaps that Humbert Humbert "my old man" from "Off to the Races"?); and, finally, engulfed in flames and a livid red dress, her form superimposed on a highway full of palm trees.

It's like if David Lynch and Francesca Lia Block got together and dropped acid with a movie camera. Check it below:

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