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Get Your First Look At The Stunning Opening Credits Of 'The Shannara Chronicles'

The MTV show debuts on January 5.

A television show's prologue is meant to excite the viewer and make them want more during their small-screen experience -- and the opening credits for MTV's upcoming series "The Shannara Chronicles" most certainly achieves this goal. Like Allanon has (already) declared, "It has begun" -- and we're ready for what's next.

The powerful, newly released video -- seen above and featuring Ruelle's song "Until We Go Down" -- sets the table for the action in the series based on Terry Brooks' beloved books. In the clip, Earth suffers a nuclear holocaust and is in total destruction (note: the flames). From there, and as a result, mutations are born in the post-apocalyptic world -- specifically humans, gnomes, dwarves and trolls.

The silhouette of Amberle, the Elvin Princess, also makes a special cameo in the Four Lands-centered spot -- as does the majestic, but dying, Ellcrys tree.

As for the voice behind the melody, MTV News spoke with Ruelle about her personal inspiration -- and she credits "Until We Go Down" for serving as a distraction during a tough time in her life.

"I was pretty crushed after having to walk away from a three-and-a-half-year relationship that just wasn't going anywhere, and I was writing for the first time with my friend Eric that day," the singer explains, while adding she penned the lyrics in early fall of last year. "Music was the only thing that took my mind off how I was feeling."

She continues: "The words 'I need that fire just to know that I'm awake' just sort of spilled was like I'd been feeling numb for a while but never knew how to say what it felt like. It was one of those writing sessions that felt kind of effortless, and neither of us knew at the time how special that song would be. I love that music has always been an escape for me...whether it's the best of worst season of life. I think you can tell when songs are written from a real place with real emotion behind them. 'Until We Go Down' is definitely one of those songs for me."

Share your thoughts about the opening credits in the comments, and be sure to watch "The Shannara Chronicles" starting Tuesday, January 5! And for an added bonus, hear the entire version of "Until We Go Down" below:

Check out the Shannara theme song from Ruelle!