What Is The Best Disney Channel Original Movie Of All Time? Vote Now

There's only one correct answer

Since 1997, Disney Channel has aired 99 original movies, including gems such as Brink!, High School Musical, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, and Halloweentown.

There's been some debate about which DCOM is the best of all time, so we're just going to settle this once and for all. (I swear, if some post-2008 movie wins, heads will roll.)

And before you get upset that Wish Upon A Star, The Paper Brigade, and Susie Q aren't on this list, let me explain. They are considered Disney Channel Premiere Films, not Disney Channel Original Movies. Apparently, there's a difference. Same deal with the Mowry siblings classic, Seventeen Again. That film was actually a product of Showtime. Who knew?

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