Don't Call Lil Yachty A Rapper (Especially After This Freestyle)

And he doesn't want you to

In recent months, Lil Yachty has been building a successful music career, thanks to songs like "1 Night," "No Hook," and "Mixtape," and his debut mixtape, Lil Boat. But it's not a rap career. Because Lil Yachty is not a rapper, according to the man himself.

"No," he said plainly when asked on Hot 97 if he considers himself a rapper. "I dunno. I would say artist. But, then — I'm just here. I'm not a rock star. You would think I'm a rock star by my shows, but I don't want [it] that way."

His biggest influences — Chris Martin, André 3000, Lil B, and Soulja Boy, according to the interview — lean rap-heavy, but are still an eclectic bunch.

Toward the end of the interview, Yachty put some extra emphasis behind his I'm Not A Rapper sentiment when he's asked to freestyle. Starting around the 23-minute mark, he spits a verse, though it seems to be previously written. Things really kick into gear around the 26-minute mark, as Yachty nonchalantly stumbles his way through some more bars -- these, clearly off the top -- mumbling, laughing, and chastising the hosts for interrupting him with ad-libs.

He knows his own limitations and pursuits -- "I honestly don't," he says at one point in the interview, when asked if he takes hip-hop seriously -- which makes the subpar freestyle more entertaining and less painful than you'd imagine.

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