Linkin Park's Hand-Drawn New Video Being Kept Top Secret

Band's management, publicist say they don't know what song it's for.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California -- Resident Linkin Park video director Joseph Hahn is known for taking a freethinking approach to his projects.

In his breakthrough video for 2002's "In the End" the DJ digitally added a whale to a barren desert scene (see [article id="1457104"]"VMA Lens Recap: The Story Behind Linkin Park's 'In The End' "[/article]). His next piece of work, though, might top that.

"It's heavy on the animation," rapper Mike Shinoda revealed recently. "And when we say animation, we're not meaning CGI [computer-generated imagery]. This is the real deal, hand-drawn animation. So it's gonna be pretty cool. I mean, that could mean anything from, like, Thomas the Choo Choo Train to 'Akira.' So you can imagine Linkin Park rolling around with some Care Bears. It'd be pretty hot."

Care Bears or not, Linkin Park were fitted for costumes in late December and plan to finish the video this month. The band refused to reveal any more details about the clip, including what song it will be for. In fact, the fourth Meteora single is being kept so tightly under wraps that not even the band's management or publicist knew the title as of Wednesday.

Along with working on the video over the holidays, Hahn has been further developing his feature film debut, "King Rat" (see [article id="1479388"]"Linkin Park's Joseph Hahn To Take On 'King Rat' "[/article]). His bandmates, however, aren't sure when he plans to shoot it.

"It probably won't be until after next summer that he can really start working on it," bassist Phoenix said. "At this point now, he's still trying to figure out the screenplay and that whole aspect, but hopefully someday it'll happen, 'cause it'll be great. And I'll star in it. Write that down. I'm trying to let that out there because the more I say it, then maybe Joe might give me a speaking role in it, but I don't want to screw up his movie."

Hahn's first distraction from directing will be Linkin Park's headlining tour with P.O.D., Hoobastank and Story of the Year, which kicks off January 16 near Washington, D.C. (see [article id="1480803"]"Linkin Park, P.O.D. Announce Tour Dates"[/article]).

"It's the first time we've toured in the U.S. on our own tour for almost a year, so that'll be great," Phoenix said, noting the band's last Stateside outing was opening for Metallica. "There's nothing better than being able to tour on your own turf. And after that, we're pretty much planned through the next summer -- lots more touring."

After the Meteora tour wraps March 6 in Atlanta, the band may launch the next Projekt Revolution trek, an outing the band usually reserves for winter but delayed in order to tour with P.O.D.

"We'll do Projekt Rev later this year," Shinoda said, adding that a lineup is being brainstormed. "Projekt Revolution is something that, sticking with the name, we try to do something different every year. We try and put out those bands that are doing something revolutionary within their genre or music in general. We'll see."

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