Justin Bieber And Austin Mahone Have New Music Together... You Can Start Freaking Out Now

A new studio snap has us drooling for promised music.

What do you get when you put Justin Bieber in with a group of YMCMB stars?

So far we've only got a picture.

But hopefully that picture of Biebs with Cash Money founder Birdman, Young Money president Mack Maine and signee Austin Mahone means a lot more than just four mugs on Instagram. According to Bieber and Birdman, there's new music on the way.

"New music #YMCMB," Justin captioned his photo, while Baby wrote, "Studio flow with tha yung future of music get ready YMCMB."

If our dreams come true and this does mean new music (hopefully it's not just a cruel April Fool's joke and they were just hanging at a barbecue), it won't be the first time Bieber has collaborated with the YMCMB crew. In 2012, he released "Beauty and a Beat" with Nicki Minaj. For his latest project, Journals, he included Lil Wayne on "Backpack" and Tyga on "Wait for a Minute." Busta Rhymes even recorded a Christmas song with Biebs in 2011, the year Bus signed with Cash Money.

And not to say what we're all thinking... but Austin and Bieber have been compared to each other before: young talent, humungous female following, poppy R&B with a soft spot for rap, floppy brown hair, dance skillz. Some people even called Mahone the next Bieber.

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Now, we're not making any comparisons here, but let's just say that we're more than pumped to see the clones musicians teaming up together. And with the whole YMCMB crew behind them, you know it'll be something wild.

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