Robert Pattinson's 'Great Idea' For Vampire Sex

'He wanted to start it up by kissing her neck because that is the classic place where vampires bite humans,' 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' director Bill Condon tells MTV News.

Much was made of Edward and Bella's headboard-busting sex scene in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1," but any fan of Stephenie Meyer's source material will tell you that things take an even steamier turn in the bedroom once the mortal transforms into an immortal beloved. After all, now that Bella's basically indestructible, Edward no longer has to fear hurting her while in the throes of passion.

So what went into choreographing the highly anticipated vampire sex scene? We asked director Bill Condon and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, and what they told us has us wondering whether Robert Pattinson isn't actually a bloodsucker.

"None of it was written, so it's all about, for me, you know again, you start with the actors," Condon said. "Rob had a great idea. He wanted to start it up by kissing her neck because that is the classic place where vampires bite humans. So it's a place that he's spent all this time avoiding since the moment he met her. It's really the place he wants to get her, and now he can do it because she's not human anymore. So I thought that was a very cool idea.

"And the other part of it is that they're equal -- no one get hurt now, so there's this real sense of the two going at it. Also, it's vamp sex, so we can't even imagine how blissful it is, so there's kind of a hazy, drugged out aspect to it."

Rosenberg, however, had a slightly different perspective on bringing the steamy moment to the screen.

"I always choreograph very specifically on the page," she explained. "That doesn't mean they do it. What is mainly my job is to articulate what the story of the sequence is, what the emotional arc, what story telling point are we trying to get across. So for myself, I have to choreograph on the page. Obviously, Bill Condon takes it, and he does work with the stunt coordinators and works with the actors and they create what they end up doing. As long as they understand what it's about, so I always do a great bit of detail."

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" is in theaters now.

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