'Nothing Can Take Back What You Did': Will Camilla Ever Forgive Brandon On 'Siesta Key'?

He's doing his best to make amends, but she's not having it

While everyone in Siesta Key is evolving, no one is growing up faster than Brandon.

Tonight's episode saw the new dad trying harder than ever to win back Camilla's affections in the form of fruit baskets, flowers, and cookies — to no avail. Truth: It's not entirely shocking, as BG did cheat on her with Delainey and they have a baby boy together. While he was quick to own up to everything during the reunion special and has been doing his best to make things right by showing up for his son Quincy, Camilla is still pretty heated.

"It doesn't seem real. His actions changed everything in my world," she told Amanda, who coincidentally, she's cool with now. "I still have love for him. I don't have closure, but I feel closure needs to be done when I'm in a better place."

Fast forward to Sam and Juliette's housewarming party, and no amount of pink fluffy cloud visualization — courtesy of a changed Chloe — could lessen the awkwardness between the two being in the same room together.

"I messed up bad," Brandon admitted, once he finally cornered Camilla. "Things weren't supposed to happen like this."

But she wasn't exactly in a forgiving mood, meeting his heartfelt "I love you" with a chilly, "Alright, cool."

"No matter what you say, nothing can take anything back what you did," Camilla said. "What do I have to say? I don't want to talk about this tonight. I don't want to have this conversation here right now, so just go do something else."

So he did just that and sparked up a conversation with Sam's single artist friend Jordana. While the pair's flirt fest may have raised a few eyebrows, Juliette seemed pretty thrilled, stating, "I kind of want Jordana and Brandon to have something, because then [she] would stop flirting with Sam."

But back to Camilla. Will the heartbroken blonde forgive BG in time? And do the two even stand a chance of rekindling their romance? Sound off with your predictions, then catch an all-new Siesta Key Wednesday at 8/7c.

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