'Jackass' Star Johnny Knoxville Opens Up About Infamous Gun Stunt

'I shot myself in the chest with a bulletproof vest,' he admits to MTV News.

It's the stunt no Jackass wants to discuss: the time before Johnny Knoxville had a show on MTV and he decided to shoot himself in the chest with a gun. Apparently there's footage out there of the incident, but it's seemingly never been seen by a wide viewership. Is the stunt just a rumor -- part of Knoxville's pre-"Jackass" lore -- or did it really happen?

When the topic first popped up during an [article id="1650021"]interview with MTV News[/article], co-star Jason "Wee-Man" Acuña quickly quieted down his pals.

"I don't think they're going to show that!" he said.

A few days later, on the red carpet at the premiere for "Jackass 3D," we posed the question about the gun stunt to co-star Ehren McGhehey. "I know if it is true or false, and I can't say because it's a pretty dangerous stunt if it were to have happened," he told us. "I'm sure MTV probably wouldn't want to see it. If you're out there, kids, don't try that at home, because that is retarded."

Director Jeff Tremaine, meanwhile, avoided the topic entirely. We were beginning to fear we'd never get to the bottom of the issue. Then Knoxville himself sauntered down the red carpet. And, as it turned out, he was more than happy to dish us the details.

"That was a 'Big Brother' video, like, over 13, 14 years ago. I shot myself in the chest with a bulletproof vest. I had a .38," he explained.

"I was really hoping the vest worked, because I didn't have any money at the time, and I could only afford the cheapest vest possible," he added.

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