'The Fault In Our Stars' Takes Movie Of The Year With Emotional Acceptance Speech

Plus, a bonus Ansel Elgort selfie!

It made you laugh, cry (a lot), even visit your nearest bookstore to read the source material -- and now it has the year's biggest MTV Movie Award. "The Fault In Our Stars" beat out the year's other worthy competitors, including "Whiplash," which presenter Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson summarized as "your drum teacher is kind of a d--k."

John Green, who wrote the novel the movie was based on, accepted the award alongside stars Shailene Woodley and Nat Wolff, filmmaker Josh Boone and more. Ansel Elgort, the film's male lead and the other half of the Best Kiss-winning duo, wasn't present to join the very huggy group onstage.

"I had nothing to do with the making of this movie, but I was the first at the microphone," author Green gushed. "These people are such a gift to my life."

He also threw a special shout out to Wolff, who doubles as the writer's BFF and stars in the upcoming "Paper Towns," another adaptation of a Green novel. "I'm so excited for people to see him as the star of 'Paper Towns,' " Green added.

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Wolff, of course, reciprocated, grabbing the mic: "We're all so lucky to be a part of John's amazing vision. He's a genius and he's so attractive."

When Green took to the mic again, he spoke of the young cancer patient who inspired his novel, Esther Earl.

"I want to say thank you to my Esther Earl. Esther taught me that a short life can also be a good life," he said. "That the lives of people who are living with illness or disability are just as interesting and complicated and beautiful and interesting as any other lives. Esther, I love you, I miss you, this is for you. Thank you all so much for supporting 'The Fault In Our Stars.'"

Meanwhile, Elgort celebrated from afar with a victorious selfie:

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