Beast Invites Belle To Dinner In New 'Beauty And The Beast' Clip

Dude needs to work on his smile ...

Most of the clips we’ve seen from Beauty and the Beast thus far have focused on the story’s iconic musical moments. Today, however, a new clip introduces a spin on a familiar scene: the one in which Beast (Dan Stevens) reluctantly invites Belle (Emma Watson) to dinner.

In the video, we see the extent of damage caused by Beast’s years-long withdrawal from human interaction. He isn’t exactly the most charming guy, so his scowling invite isn’t too alluring to poor Belle, who’s plotting her escape from his castle when he pounds on her door. With a little help from his household item friends, however, the cursed prince may be able to win Belle over ... that is, if he can only master that “dashing, debonair smile.”

Beauty and the Beast (finally) waltzes into theaters on March 17.

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