Ryan Reynolds Says Blake Lively Is A Total Mess Before Slaying On Red Carpets

But don't worry, that's before she transforms into the 'the Beyoncé of red carpets.'

We all know Blake Lively as a superwoman of sorts — a gorgeous mom who’s as talented as she is beautiful, whether blonde or bronde. But lest you think she just wakes up all aggressively flawless, rest assured she’s just as much of a hot mess as the rest of us.

That somewhat relieving revelation comes to us from a source with first-hand knowledge: Blake’s equally awesome husband, Ryan Reynolds. In an interview with AOL Build Talk, the “Self/less” and “Deadpool” actor revealed the method behind the madness of his wife’s chaotic red carpet preparations.

When an audience member asked Ryan how he feels about his wife constantly “slaying” the red carpet, he said, “My wife knows how to work a red carpet, I’ll say that. She might be the Beyoncé of red carpets.”

First of all, WHOA. That’s a pretty bold, but not entirely inaccurate, comparison, so we’ll let it slide.

“She’s turned [red carpets] into an athletic event,” the gushing hubby continued. “I see what goes into that, real science. It’s unbelievable. You guys see the finished product. I see a totally destroyed closet, bedroom, and kitchen by the time she walks out the door. I don’t even know how shoes got in the freezer, it’s seriously nuts. There’s kung fu involved. It’s really intense.”

We can just picture it: Hurricane Blake storming around their predictably posh house, karate-chopping her way into evening gowns, hurling handbags, and freezing Jimmy Choo pumps (but seriously, what’s the deal with freezing shoes? Does it make heels more comfortable or something? We need specifics, Ryan!).

After leaving us with that powerful imagery, Ryan then dished out some more compliments toward the aforementioned Queen Bey, whom he and Blake are close with.

“She’s the Michael Jordan of music to me,” Ryan said. “I’ve seen four of her shows, and that’s what comes to mind every time. She’s incomparable, I guess you could just say. She’s Beyoncé; you can’t really say she’s ‘the this of the that.’ Honestly, she’s the Michael Jordan of Beyoncés.”

Umm… we’re not entirely sure where he was going with that, but it sounds super nice, so all we can say is SAME, Ryan. Same.