So This Is Why Bella Thorne And 'PLL' Boss Marlene King Were Hanging Out

Thorne is Marlene King's next star!

Remember when Bella Thorne and "Pretty Little Liars" boss Marlene King had a top-secret meeting in Los Angeles earlier this month? As it turns out Thorne will not be guest starring in an upcoming episode of "PLL." Nope. Instead, she'll be starring in her own freakin' show!

Thorne, 17, is headed back to TV to star in "Famous in Love," which King is adapting for ABC Family, per Deadline. Based off the YA novel by Rebecca Serle, Thorne will play a college student who is plucked from obscurity to star in the film-franchise adaptation of a popular book (sound familiar?), and then finds herself in love triangles both on and off screen. BRB, we need to go set our DVRs for this ASAP.


Bella Thorne

"Famous in Love" will be co-penned by King and Serle, who will also serve as executive producers. This is pretty exciting for fans of Serle's YA romance fiction, and it will be a nice change of pace for King, who specializes in the teen mystery genre. Of course, old Hollywood glamour has always been a classic motif in "Pretty Little Liars," and King is master when it comes to creating iconic ships, so this pairing couldn't be better.

With King and Serle and the helm, and Thorne as the star, we think "Famous in Love" could be ABC Family's next great hit, especially if they follow in the footsteps of "PLL." Here are a few things we love about "Pretty Little Liars" that we hope to see in this new project:

Tales of female friendship

ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars Cast

"Pretty Little Liars" is a female ensemble story that gives their female characters something to do other than worry about boys. We know "Famous in Love" is a teen romance, but Thorne's character is going to need a BFF she can lean on when she feels overwhelmed by her newfound fame. It's those moments that make "PLL" -- and hopefully, "Famous in Love" -- enjoyable.


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Spencer and Toby Kiss on Pretty Little Liars

The ships on "Pretty Little Liars" all have one thing in common: insane chemistry. When Caleb looks at Hanna, we know he loves her. And even after three seasons, we still can't get over that intense shower scene. So whoever they cast as the male leads in "Famous in Love," they have to have instant chemistry with Thorne, which shouldn't be too hard because, well, just look at her. Oh, and they definitely need to be hot. This is an ABC Family show, after all.


ABC Family


One of the things we love most about "Pretty Little Liars" is their love of film noir and timeless glamour. We know a lot has changed in Hollywood since the era of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, but we hope to see a few throwbacks to the Golden Age of cinema in "Famous in Love."


ABC Family | Eric McCandless


Well, this is a given, but King and co. are masters at dishing out drama and keeping us guessing on "PLL." Serle's "Famous in Love" may not have a central mystery like "Who Is 'A'?" -- but it is set in Los Angeles, and if we've learned anything from "The Hills," it's that LA is where the drama happens. Oh, and always invest in waterproof mascara.

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