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See Zac Efron Get Kinda Shirtless, Grab Dave Franco's Junk

We think Zac and Dave just got to third base.

When it comes to memorable Movie Awards moments, Zac Efron is king. Last year, he #blessed us all with his impeccable, bare chest. TBH, we didn't think he'd be able to top it... but he did.

Efron and his "Neighbors" co-star Dave Franco took home the Golden Popcorn for Best Duo at Sunday's (April 12) big show, and their odd acceptance speech was one for the ages. Not only did Zefron -- dressed in character -- partially bare his chest for all to see, but he also grabbed Franco's junk on live TV. Not to be outdone, Franco grabbed Efron's junk and became the most envied man in America. (TELL US EVERYTHING, DAVE.)


Zac and Dave gif


Zac and Dave Best Duo


Zac and Dave

So, uh, does this mean our Best Duo just made it to third base?

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