T.I. Says Feud With Shawty Lo Wasn't A Beef

'If I don't mean you no harm, we can't be beefin',' Tip explains.

On Friday night in Atlanta, T.I. put his beef with rapper [artist id="2815934"]Shawty Lo[/artist] to bed, inviting his former rival onstage during a performance of "Big Things Poppin' (Do It)" at Tip's Club Crucial.

On Monday night in the Bronx, after he finished speaking to kids at a Boys & Girls Club, T.I. finally broke his silence about why he decided to end the feud.

"See, I'm a grown man. These situations are not that major for me, you know? It's always more blown up in the media than it is in my mind. That's nothing to me. I never even considered it to be a big deal to begin with. So, something like that, I just didn't do it for publicity," Tip told MTV News. "I'm not doing it for the purposes of taking pictures, and for people online to talk about it and people on TV to talk about it. As a man, I don't mean anybody no harm, I wish everybody the best, I ain't never been a hater, I congratulate success, and I move on and keep doing what I'm doing."

And to hear him tell it, the whole beef between him and Shawty -- which started with the pair trading [article id="1600760"]verbal jabs[/article] but quickly escalated into a brawl between the rappers' cliques at the [article id="1600159"]Dirty Awards[/article] late last year -- wasn't even legit ... it was the product of the overzealous media and some self-righteous bloggers. Which is why he had no problem putting it behind him.

"That word 'beef' is used too loosely, to me. 'Beef' is kind of like 'swag.' People just throwin' that word around," T.I. said. "To me, man, if I don't mean you no harm, we can't be beefin'. If I see you, and I don't attack you, it ain't no beef, and vice versa. Everything else is just entertainment to me."

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