Destiny's Child Talk Split: 'It's Not The End'

Group leaves door open for reunion: 'We're still very young, and it's not smart to say 'never,' Beyoncé says.

Fans might have been surprised when Destiny's Child announced last week that they're splitting after their U.S. tour -- but the girls say that the news was something they had planned even as they were making their fifth and final album. "It's not a coincidence that the album is called Destiny Fulfilled," Beyoncé Knowles revealed.

Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams talked about the different directions they wanted to take with their various solo projects -- musical and otherwise -- while they were in the studio, and realized that they could never really pursue those interests and remain a group, too. "What if something comes up and it falls right on a tour date?" Rowland pointed out. So they ultimately came to the decision that if they were to break up, they should do it while they were on top -- and more importantly, while they were still friends (see [article id="1503975"]"Destiny's Child Announce Split"[/article]).

"It's not our last record because one of us wants to go solo, or because we don't get along or because we don't like each other anymore, or because of cattiness," Knowles said. "It's because it's the end of this chapter in our lives. We've been doing this for 14 years now, and our destinies have been fulfilled."

"All great things come to an end," Rowland added. "Destiny's Child is more than just us being on stage or in the studio. We genuinely love each other and I'm going to see their kids, and their kids' kids, and they're going to see my kids. I love these girls."

While they don't have any immediate plans to collaborate, they hope to continue working together in new guises -- such as popping up on each other's solo albums, or starring in a Broadway play together.

For now, though, Williams will be heard singing a remake of Al

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Green's "Let's Stay Together" in Gap's new fall ads, and hopes to eventually open a day spa and do a bath-and-body product line. Rowland, who's showcasing her indie romantic comedy "The Seat Filler" on select dates of the DC tour, wants to audition for more acting roles. And Knowles, who will record a soundtrack single for her "Pink Panther" film in the fall, said she plans to start rehearsing in December for her role as Deena in the big-screen remake of the musical "Dreamgirls," which will shoot from January through April.

"I've been dreaming about this role," she said. "I can't even talk about it, I'm so excited. Finally, I have a role that has so many layers -- it's dramatic, it's funny, I play her young, I play her older. You see the journey of her growing up, and it's really emotional. It's perfect. It's a real part. I get to act, and I don't think I've ever really done that yet."

In the meantime, there will be more Destiny's Child via a live DVD they plan to film on the Atlanta stop of the tour, and a best-of album is in the works.

As for a possible reunion down the road, Beyoncé said, "Who knows? We're still very young, and it's not smart to say 'never.' It's not the end."

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