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Audrina Patridge Teases 'Sensual' 'Dancing With the Stars' Tango

'I got a taste of victory and I liked it!' she laughs to MTV News about plans to beat her own top-scoring waltz.

[article id="1649306"]Audrina Patridge[/article] set a personal record by wowing the "Dancing With the Stars" judges and getting a 26 on last Monday's episode. Now, with another week of competition under way, Patridge says she's working harder than ever to make sure last week's waltz wasn't the last for her and partner Tony Dovolani.

"More hard work and dedication! We are working on the Argentine tango this week, and it's sensual and complicated," Audrina told MTV News in an e-mail about what to expect from Monday night's (October 11) episode. "I'm giving it 150 percent because I'm determined to maintain, or beat, our scores from last week. [Fans] should expect to see me and Tony doing a very fun tango. I can't reveal the song or my costume just yet -- but you'll love it."

The former "Hills" star pointed out that love from the judges doesn't mean she's resting on her laurels. "Yes, [I'm] a little [nervous]. I would hate to [regress]. After seeing those double 9's, I got a taste of victory and I liked it!" she joked. "It's crazy because I have been hosting, an online talent competition, for the past year and I totally understand what it's like to compete now."

Patridge may have another reason to be nervous, however: She's battling a minor injury.

"I sprained my ankle last week, so I have been trying to elevate and ice it when I can and be extra careful not to further injure myself," she explained. "Right now, I'm just pushing past the pain, because I want to win! I can't afford to miss out on any rehearsals at this point."

Audrina, who said she's most excited to learn the samba this season, also revealed she's making new friends among her "DWTS" castmates.

"I see [article id="1648341"]Jennifer Grey and Bristol Palin[/article] a lot. We seem to be on a similar rehearsal schedule," she said. "They are both so sweet. Jennifer gives me tons of great advice -- she really is such a nurturing person. I love her. Bristol is very sweet too. She's really coming out of her shell, and learning how to be a performer. I love watching each of them perform every week," Patridge continued. "Also, all of the dancers on this show are so amazing. I'm really just lucky to be surrounded by such a great, inspiring group."

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