Jessie J's 'Burnin' Up' Video Is 4 Minutes Of Pure Man-Candy Fantasy: Watch!

With 2 Chainz, choreo and 'so much aspect ratio' on the side.

Jessie J's new video for "Burnin' Up" is finally out, and she wasn't kidding when she promised we'd see some five-syllable cho-re-og-raph-y.

Released on Wednesday (October 8), a good chunk of the clip has the "Bang Bang" singer leading a military-precise phalanx of dancers dressed in seductively cut black-leather ensembles.

J spends the rest of the video posing poolside while some half-naked Adonises stand guard behind her (do not disturb plz), sharing the spotlight with featured artist 2 Chainz and going full-on Alanis Morissette with her fingernails on some poor dude's back. #IHopeYouFeelIt #WellCanYouFeelIt

I'm still not really sure what "subliminal sex" is, but I'll have seven. With plenty of aspect ratio on the side for dipping.

Jessie J's "Burnin' Up" was produced by Max Martin, Ricky Reed and Axident. It serves as the latest single for her third studio album, Sweet Talker, which is expected to drop on October 14.