Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Got Turned Into Action Figures And It's The Best Wedding Gift Ever

G.I. Jophie needs to hit store shelves ASAP

You might be thinking to yourself: What do you get a celebrity bride and groom as a wedding gift? And while any and all gifts would certainly be appreciated, the truth is that there's not a lot that celebs don't already have or can't buy themselves. That's why Joe Jonas's brother Frankie got him and Sophie Turner a customized gift for their wedding that he knew no one else would think of — their very own G.I. Jophie action figures.

Frankie, otherwise known as the "Bonus Jonas," reached out to toymaker Dano Brown ahead of the big day with an epic request to turn his brother and then-fiancée into the toy of every fandom member's dreams. "Alright. It's been a month since the wedding so I think/hope I'm ok to share this," Brown wrote on Instagram. "I was hired by Frankie Jonas to make this wedding gift for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. Obviously a huge deal for me. I was hoping they'd share a pic but I imagine they have at least 1000 other gifts to go through and probably at least half of those are way cooler so I'm giving in and sharing it anyway."

As you can see, everything from the packaging to the actual action figures was done flawlessly. The figures themselves were inspired by a photo of the couple wearing matching puffer jackets, and the package was labeled "G.I. Jophie: Matrimony Edition" — a hilarious detail that Brown credited Frankie for. "Frankie was super good to me and gave me total creative freedom aside from the title, which he thought up, which is probably the best part of the whole thing," he wrote. "Very honored to get this gig! I lined up another huge one I'm excited to share with y'all but first i have to actually make it."

And if you're wondering how Frankie felt about the finished product, well, he was just as amazed by the action figures as we are. "Still so in love with this piece, perfect gift for the perfect duo," he wrote in the comments. "Your work on this couldn't be more perfect!" Honestly, that's quite a relief — especially since the gift cost him a pretty penny. Brown told Us Weekly, "they're not very cheap," with the mag adding that most of Brown's designs are going on eBay for between $200 and $500. In other words, G.I. Jophie action figures won't be hitting toy store shelves anytime soon, and we're totally bummed about it.