Nick Jonas Reveals The Jonas Brothers Still Get Together To Play Their Old Hits

We're burnin' up just thinking about this

The Jonas Brothers lives on! Even though Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas officially broke up as a band in 2013, Nick confirmed everyone's fantasy that the brothers still get together to play some of their old hits.

The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle star told Us Weekly that the group rekindled their musical flame last Christmas. “Kevin has this really nice kind of office in his house and there’s a couple acoustic guitars laying around," Nick said of the casual reunion. "And we had this moment where we looked at each other like, ‘This is what people think is happening right now.’ Like at the end of that Christmas, we end up by the fire, the three of us, with acoustic guitars, singing, playing some of the old songs.”

Nick didn't reveal which of their songs they did play, but he did say one they definitely did not: "Pizza Girl," a number they wrote for their TV series, Jonas.

“I don’t love the song ‘Pizza Girl’ that we did for our TV show. I think back to it and listened to it the other day and I was like, ‘I don’t love it.’ Not because I’m embarrassed by it or anything. I’m actually ashamed of my lack of creativity in the song-writing department,” Nick said. “’Cause they said, ‘You know, we need you to write a song about how you fall in love with the pizza girl and then you eat pizza every day.’ And of course, it’s literally that. I fell in love with the pizza girl, now I eat pizza every day. Doesn’t even rhyme and it’s literally just exactly what they asked me to write about.”

Although there's no audio or video evidence of last year's JoBros jam session, Christmas is right around the corner...