Watch: 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Director's Trailer Commentary

Bryan Singer walks us through the first preview for the upcoming super hero sequel.

Yesterday's "X-Men: Days of Future Past" trailer satisfied and teased in equal parts. Fans got to see the entire team from both timelines together for the first time, but there seemed to be as much we weren't seeing as Wolverine traveled back in time to stop an apocalyptic future.

We got on the phone with director Bryan Singer yesterday to answer some of our lingering question about the first preview and what we can expect to see when the movie hits theaters next year.

Modeled on "Man of Steel"

"I asked for something emotionally driven for this first piece, to just reintroduce characters and the stakes. It's got plenty of action and scope, but I think at it's core to remind audiences of the world, the stakes, and the characters, so it was nice to lead with a piece like this. To be honest, I was very fond of the 'Man of Steel' trailer. I felt really felt that it captivated the heart of that character. I wanted something similar to that."

New Class

"They're part of a younger group of surviving refugees in the future that have been living moment to moment just trying to stay alive, so we find them confronted with the members of the original, few-remaining X-Men, who basically ask them help them with this plan. They're skeptical, but they also realize that there's no other choice.

"Most of the picture takes place in 1973, but in the third act, you got back and forth. I've created a way where parallel action can take place, so you'll be living with the characters in the future as well as in the past."

Wolverine Goes Gray

"That's from the comic. That's from the original 'Days of Future Past.' He doesn't really age, or he ages in a certain way. I felt that enough had happened and that even Wolverine is getting a bit beaten down and haggard in this new world. I thought it would be appropriate to bring in the famous gray around the temples that he had in the comic. I really like that."

Mystique Rises

"It's much, much closer, from the hairstyle to her agility. She hasn't quite become the cold assassin that Rebecca was, but she's headed on that course. It's much more closer to that character from 'X1' and 'X2,' from the innocent character that she was in 'First Class.'

"There's an event. The movie is gearing towards this one event, and things go terribly wrong. That's a moment in the 'Things go terribly wrong' sequence."

"We Need You To Hope Again"

"His arc is the central arc of the story. That's a moment in the film -- I don't want to explain how he comes to be facing himself on screen, but it's interesting how it happens. I did some interesting stuff visually -- some visual stuff and some practical stuff. It's an interesting scene, very trippy. "

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" opens in theaters on May 23, 2014.