Arcade Fire Re-Record 'Wake Up' For 'Where The Wild Things Are' Trailer

Sneak peek confirms Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O's involvement in film's music.

By now, you've probably watched, rewatched, embedded, Tweeted, re-Tweeted, status-updated and texted about the trailer for Spike Jonze's [movie id="291128"]"Where the Wild Things Are."[/movie] The sneak peek debuted Wednesday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" (!) and the Apple Movie Trailers site, then quickly made the rounds on every social-networking site known to mankind (and some that probably haven't even been invented yet).

For some, the mere appearance of the trailer was enough to send them into a tizzy. After all, the buzz surrounding Jonze's take on the Maurice Sendak children's classic has been, to use one word, troubling, with rumors of disastrous test screenings and reshoots. But what really stood out for others -- and gave some the shivers -- was the music in that trailer.

More specifically, the use of the [artist id="1802187"]Arcade Fire's[/artist] rousing "Wake Up," from their 2004 album Funeral. For months, there have been rumors about the music that will be featured in "Wild Things," with some reports saying [artist id="1229828"]Yeah Yeah Yeahs[/artist] frontwoman Karen O created the film's soundtrack along with [article id="1582898"]Deerhunter's Bradford Cox[/article], something Cox would neither confirm nor deny when MTV News spoke to him last year.

Well, as it turns out, O's name is listed in the just-released "Wild Things" trailer, alongside musician Carter Burwell, who has scored all of Jonze's previous feature films as well as a little film you might have heard of called "Twilight." Under the "Music By" tag, Cox's name is nowhere to be seen.

But, more importantly, given that it's their song featured in the trailer, will the Arcade Fire's music also be featured in the film? Well, maybe. A spokesperson for the Fire told MTV News that he was reaching out to them for comment on "Wild Things" and their involvement with the film but had received no answer by press time. He did, however, confirm to MTV News that the version of "Wake Up" featured in the trailer was "a new version, re-recorded specifically for the film," so perhaps the band didn't just stop there.

But that's all just speculation at this point. Until we have some definite answers, why don't we all sit back and watch that trailer one more time.

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