Young Buck Responds To 50 Cent's Leaked Phone Call In New Dis Track -- Listen To It Here!

'The only people that record conversations is 5-0,' Buck raps.

Young Buck has obviously reached his boiling point regarding his falling-out with the G-Unit. On Tuesday, 50 Cent released a taped phone conversation of an emotional talk between the two where Buck was sobbing as he pleaded to be allowed back into the G-Unit and spoke of dire monetary problems. Buck said during the conversation that he would never write a dis record about 50.

The song's lyrics include these lines: "B---h n---s do b---h thangs/ Look at 50, what he do just to get fame/ Record my phone call when I spoke from the heart/ That was a year ago, this was a joke from the start/ You a ho, I know/ The only people that record conversations is 5-0."

Buck also jokes that 50 and Tony Yayo are having a love affair, and that Lloyd Banks is upset with the Unit but afraid to speak his mind.

Later in the song, Buck addresses his tears during the phone conversation.

"If a real n---a cry, it's real pain/ I don't feel no shame."

Buck's seven-year tenure with G-Unit came crashing down earlier this year when 50 Cent kicked him out of the group because of what he called "inconsistent behavior." 50 cited [article id="1585813"]Buck[/article] appearing onstage with Lil Wayne and then turning around and dissing Weezy on records for G-Unit's upcoming Terminate on Sight LP. 50 also was upset that Buck had missed recording sessions for the album and the G-Unit's mixtapes. 50 claimed some of Buck's behavior was due to the effects of a drug problem. Buck basically admitted to some narcotic use in a song called "[article id="1586014"]The Interview[/article]," which hit the Net and the streets shortly after the G-Unit's interview with MTV News was published.

There are two verses in "Taped Conversation" — Buck threatened to add a third verse if 50 or somebody from his camp comes back in song. "The devil in disguise" is how Buck described the man he once called a big brother.

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