Here's Why Ariana Grande's Been So Obsessed With Space Stuff

The singer confirms 'Break Free,' her new single featuring Zedd.

Remember that full-on "Barbarella" blackout Ariana Grande had last week on Instagram, posting photo after photo of Jane Fonda in the campy sci-fi classic, along with some visuals of a few more retro, space-age vixens? After much online speculation that the pics had something to do with her next music video, the "Problem" singer confirmed the news on Saturday (June 21) in a series of tweets.

Not only that, the 20-year-old artist revealed that the single is titled "Break Free" and features Zedd, the EDM prodigy and MTV Artist To Watch alum whose production on tracks like "Clarity," "Stay The Night," and "Find You" has made him an all-but-inescapable presence on pop radio.

With their powers combined, "Break Free" is probably going to be huge -- like, "Blurred Lines" turkey on "Get Lucky" bread slathered in spicy "Someone Like You" mayo huge. Are we ready? I think not.

First, Ariana posted this Photoshopped, turquoise-haired selfie, along with a string of emojis that roughly translates to "Hey girl, from space."

After a fan said she looked like a "galactic space princess," Ari hinted there'd be "more where that came from soon," along with the hashtag #breakfree.

Wait, so what is "#breakfree"? Ariana's next tweet confirmed that it's the name of her new single featuring Zedd.

Oh my god, when are we getting it?! Oh, "sooner than u think." Infinite lineface, Ms. Grande. :I

Well, if this last tweet is any consolation, at least Ariana means it when she says "soon."

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