Nick Jonas Had 'Fun' Playing A Bad-Boy Teen Star On 'Smash'

'It's kind of an odd pair, she and I together,' Nick tells MTV News of going head-to-head with Anjelica Huston on tonight's episode.

For the past few weeks, theater lovers have been lining up to see [artist id="3454571"]Nick Jonas[/artist] on Broadway in [article id="1676689"]"How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."[/article] But on Monday night (February 27), fans can catch him on a different kind of Broadway show when he makes a much-anticipated cameo on NBC's "Smash."

Nick plays a Lyle West, cocky teen star who negotiates over money with a producer played by Anjelica Huston. And while Nick is well-mannered in real life, his brash, small-screen persona might surprise fans.

"He's a fun character," the Jonas Brother told MTV News last week. "Lyle is very precocious and definitely a bit different than I am in reality. But there are a lot of similarities too: Lyle started off in musical theater [and so did I]. That's how he knows all the people involved in 'Marilyn' [the musical at the center of the show]. ... He's a fun character; I hope he can come back again."

When Lyle isn't busy trying to romance the ladies, he's helping to create original music for the musical and putting his spin on Michael Buble songs. But besides performing those musical numbers, Jonas said he reveled in going head-to-head with screen legend Huston as her character tries to shake him down for money to help fund the show.

"Working with her was an unbelievable experience and she's a legend, obviously," Nick said, "And was so great to talk to off-camera as well. Being in the room with her, first of all, was an honor and to be able to work opposite her in a scene was really interesting. It's kind of an odd pair, she and I together kind of negotiating like that, but it's sort of fun and sweet and works and that what was nice about finding that chemistry with her. I love her. I think she's a ray of light."

Jonas first announced the cameo late last year and fans have been eagerly awaiting the episode, which airs tonight on NBC at 10 p.m. ET, ever since. When MTV News asked him what we could expect, he teased, "You [get] to see everything — almost everything. There's quite a bit.

"If we're gonna open that up, then there's quite a bit that you didn't see," he joked. "But that's why I have to come back."

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