Let The Battle Begin: Vote For 'Hunger Games,' 'Veronica Mars' And More In The Fandom Of The Year Tournament

Plus, find out about the Best Fandom Forever award!

The mtvU Fandom Awards are still two weeks away, but the voting's just getting started.

Right now, you can vote for your favorite movies, TV dramas and comedies, and animation in the bracket-style Fandom of the Year tournament. There are 32 honorees in all, but only one can walk away with the distinction as the number one fandom of 2014, with the winner revealed during the Fandom Awards held at Comic-Con later this month.

Behold, the voting landscape:


An eclectic mix slugs it out in the battle for Movie Fandom of the Year, including two superhero flicks — "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past;" both could battle it out if they end up in the movie bracket's finals.

Also in the mix are a slew of book adaptations, from "The Hunger Games" to "Divergent" and "The Hobbit" to "The Fault in our Stars." But don't snooze on "Veronica Mars," the winner of the MTV Movie Brawl 2014.

TV Dramas

In the TV Drama side of the bracket, Emmy darling "Breaking Bad" attempts to defend its honor; it's the show's last chance, too, as the series finale aired last year. (Then again, with "Better Call Saul" premiering in 2015, the Heisenberg faithful could be around for many years to come.)

Beyond "Bad," it's a mess of action-packed shows, including fantasy fest "Game of Thrones," blood-sucking "The Vampire Diaries," and MTV's very own "Teen Wolf." It wouldn't be wise to ignore the power of BBC series like "Sherlock" and "Doctor Who," either; absolute powerhouses in their own right.

TV Comedies

Don't let the laughter fool you; the competition is stiff when it comes to the TV Comedy crowd. Golden Globe winner "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is in the mix against the recently deceased and subsequently resurrected "Community," while MTV's own "Awkward." does battle with the low-life morons of "Always Sunny."

It's a battle of the Foxes when "Glee" faces off against "New Girl," while the recently concluded "How I Met Your Mother" heads to Pawnee to take on Leslie Knope and the "Parks & Recreation" gang. Really, more than almost any other category, the TV Comedy section is almost impossible to predict.


On second thought, the Animation side of the Fandom of the Year bracket is just as deadly as the other categories. Will Eric Cartman lead the boys of "South Park" in an epic upset against the monsters of "Attack on Titan"? Can Peter Griffin of "Family Guy" gross out the pool-partying peeps of "Free! Iwatobi Swim Club"?

And what of "Archer" and "Adventure Time"? Do those ridiculous comedies stand a chance against the likes of "Naruto" and "Blood Lad," respectively? We'll find out as voting gets underway, and when the Fandom of the Year winner gets announced at the mtvU Fandom Awards during Comic-Con.

Bonus Round: Best Fandom Forever!

The Fandom Awards fun doesn't end there. If you're on Tumblr, you can vote in the Tumblr-exclusive Best Fandom Forever category. Nominees include "Harry Potter," "Lord of the Rings," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Doctor Who," "Sherlock" and "Batman." Find out more here.

Who are you voting for Fandom of the Year?

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