'My Life With Bradley Cooper' Is Your New Favorite Instagram Account

Their relationship might be a bit one-dimensional, but that doesn't mean it isn't real!

In one of the best uses of Instagram yet, one woman's dreams of living la vie quotidienne in the company of Oscar-nominated megastar Bradley Cooper is finally a reality... albeit a reality that always wears the same tuxedo and can't get wet without turning into a soggy pulp.

Armed with a cardboard cutout of Cooper, this intrepid fan has set out to document life with her paper paramour on My Life With Bradley Cooper.

Since April, she's been posting photos of Bradley as he rides along on Costco shopping trips, relaxes in the park, and hangs out at home with her husband and kids. The aforementioned husband doesn't even seem to mind this new addition to the household, despite the fact that Cardboard Bradley is clearly a bit of a creeper.

Why does she do this? According to her bio, she, "once shared a stage with Bradley Cooper. Now he's an Oscar nominee and I'm wondering what the hell happened." You know what happened? Internet awesomeness happened.

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