Exclusive: Adam Levine Gets Dark In Maroon 5's Grisly 'Maps' Video

Adam Levine is a wreck in Maroon 5's gruesome new video.

Adam Levine's romances in Maroon 5 videos, while passionate -- are hardly without their problems. There was that time his wife left him in "One More Night," the time his girlfriend cheated on him in "Wake Up Call," and the violent, push-and-pull infatuation throughout "Misery." But despite all that, the band's latest video for "Maps" may be the most dramatic yet.

In the new clip, which premiered on MTV on Tuesday (July 1), Levine find the love of his life lying in a hospital bed in critical condition -- heart not beating, face lacerated, eyes lifeless. And once he starts retracing the night -- remembering that she stormed out of a party after he was cozying up to another woman -- it all gets that much darker.

"Maps" is the lead single off of V, out September 2, which finds the band uniting with Gwen Stefani on a track as well as with producers Max Martin, Benny Blanco, Ryan Tedder, Shellback and Sam Martin.

When we caught up with Levine earlier this month, he said the next album will be an "all-encompassing kind of record."

“This album is very much all over the place. There’s some stuff on our record that sounds a little like early Maroon 5, and then there’s some stuff that sounds like the newer direction that we went in," he told us. "We thought we’d get back to certain elements that we’d been missing out on for a while with our original sound, but also bridge the gap with the new stuff that we’ve been doing. I think it’s an all-encompassing kind of record.”

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