Video Premiere: New Found Glory, 'Connect The Dots,' Plus Chad Gilbert Talks Football, Getting The Girl + 'Kill It Live'

connect the dots videoNew Found Glory "Connect The Dots" in their new music video.

We've seen a lot of different sides of New Found Glory in their 15 years as a band, but one thing we haven't seen yet is how the veteran Florida pop-punk five piece stacks up as a football team. They're probably not going to be getting a call from the Miami Dolphins any time soon about a tryout -- at least not based on the skills displayed in their new "Connect The Dots" video, directed by John Francis Conway III, and starring New Found Glory as The Glories, two terrible coaches, a couple of shirtless bros (haaaay!), and the world's cutest ref.

connect the dots

Hello? Yes, this is ref.

But the important thing is how hard you try, not whether you win in the end, right? That's a lesson that could be applied to another game here as well: a game called love. 

Watch New Found Glory's "Connect The Dots," and read an interview with Chad Gilbert after the jump.

"This is a cold, hard punch in the chest./ This is the worst, the worst that it gets," Jordan Pundik sings in the band's iconic, earnest-yet-wry pop-punk style, while playing quarterback with a bouquet of flowers. (Why does the singer always get to be the quarterback, by the way?). He doesn't quite score a touchdown in the end, but he comes close. More like #friendzone, amirite?

connect the dotsWho says Buzzworthy doesn't "do" sports?

The song is one of three new studio recordings set to appear on Kill It Live, the band's first live album. Recorded over two nights in 2012 at Southern California's Chain Reaction, the set will be released on guitarist Chad Gilbert's Violently Happy Records (with Bridge Nine Records) on Oct. 8th.

We asked Gilbert to tell us a little more about the making of the "Connect The Dots" video and New Found Glory's live album.

BUZZWORTHY: Where did the idea for the "Connect The Dots" video come from? 

CHAD GILBERT: I came up with the idea. I was thinking about videos, we didn't want one where we performed again. We've done, like, almost 20 videos, and all of them have us performing. It was one of those things, like, alright, everyone knows we're a band, we don't need to pretend we're playing guitar in a video anymore. We wanted to show more of a fun concept.

BW: The metaphor of the video is pretty clear, but how do you explain it?

CG: I was thinking about the lyrics, "connect the dots," and the meaning behind the song. How I see the song is basically someone making the same mistake a lot, and having someone to fall back on, and having someone to connect everything to. You basically get to the point where you realize you don't have that anymore and you blew it.

Going through the lyrics, you can look at the parallels, the lyrics tell the story. When it came down to the video, we said, "Alright, how do we tell this story with someone who is persistent to work things out, or trying to fix something, and they just can't? How do we tell that story without it being a boring love video -- the same old thing?"

We started thinking of ways you connect the dots. We didn't want to have a video of numbers, wouldn't be too entertaining unless it was some crazy animated thing. Maybe 'cause I knew about football starting again -- I don't even watch football --  I was like, "Oh, that's pretty interesting!"

The story was, it's the quarterback with flowers, not a typical quarterback. It's not meant to be true to the game. He never throws the flowers. We're a bunch of friends, and we're trying to help our friend make the right decisions in life to reach the goal. The goal is the girl. His touchdown is the girl. He basically keeps going in the same direction, keeps getting knocked down, and it doesn't really make sense.

BW: Did you ever play football?

CG: I did play flag football. I actually got my lip busted. My team was really good; we won first place in the season, and won the Super Bowl. I was one of the defense guys. I was really good. Someone was so mad he elbowed me in the face... I think the kid's parents told him to do it. Where we grew up, little league stuff like that was really competitive. Our bass player Ian [Grushka] was on the Cold Springs Chargers. When I was a kid, we'd be at this park, and I'd see their games. It's funny, years later, that I'd be in a band with him.

BW: What can New Found Glory fans expect on the live album? 

CG: What's cool about the show and the live record, we didn't want it to be a live record that is one of those catalog pieces for a band, like, "Oh, here's another record." We wanted it to be special. There are some really classic live records, and then there are some you can tell the band just put it together to have a release. We've never had a live album before, so we were like, "Ok if we do it, we want time to make it good."

We did two nights at a place in Southern California that only holds about 500 people. It was really intimate... Everyone was in lingerie. ... OK, every time someone says a show was intimate, my head always goes there. Anyway, it was a really small show, sweaty and energetic. It was our favorite kind of show. That's what we wanted the live record to be. Not, like, this was how popular we are, we were at this big huge theatre. We wanted to go back to a place where it was insane for us.

That's why I think kids will like this. We took a lot of our most popular songs, but also our most popular live songs. To someone who's more of a surface fan, their favorite songs are the singles. But, we're the kind of band where a lot of the songs that aren't the singles are crazier live. All the singles aren't even on it -- it's not like a greatest hits record. It literally is our most fan popular crazy songs.

What I love about it, we did a few of the songs for the live set, added stops, breaks in parts that aren't on the normal albums, so you can actually like this version more than the version you already have. We're hoping that fans who have listened for a while, or only know the singles will be like, "Damn, man, I didn't realize track 9 on Catalyst, I didn't realize how awesome that song is."

+ Watch New Found Glory's "Connect The Dots" video.

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