Kanye West May Have Just Given Us His Greatest Grumpy GIF Yet

Smile for the camera? Nope.

Imagine this: You're sitting courtside at a Chicago Bulls-Cleveland Cavaliers playoff game, laughing it up with your seat neighbor, who happens to be NBA legend Scottie Pippen, when suddenly you realize the camera of the televised broadcast has landed on you.

What do you do?

Wave? Give a head nod? Continue laughing? Hold up an index finger to tell the world your team is number one?

Yeah, sure, maybe you'd do that. But for Kanye West, it was time to turn that smile upside down.



While at the game on Sunday, 'Ye was sitting courtside, sharing a hearty laugh with Pippen when the rapper realized he was on camera, at which point there was only one thing to do: Frown.

Either that, or Pippen said something about how Kanye is the Scottie to Jay Z's Jordan, and 'Ye got really pissed. Which also seems possible.

Of course, Kanye does not like smiling in public. We know this. We've seen evidence of it in photos for years, and we even got an explainer a few months back.

"Not smiling makes me smile," he said, offering a classic Kanye-ism.

Still, seeing how hellbent he seems on sticking to his frowny ways just doesn't get old, especially when we get it in animated form, rather than still photos (which we see often).

This same demeanor brought us one of the greatest Kanye GIFs of all-time, from an interview with MTV News.

kanye smile frown

And it also brought us this remix, which somehow manages to trump the original.


kanye keys mtv

In addition to his courtside grumpiness, the rapper hit the hardwood to perform "All Day" for the hometown crowd. That's cool in itself, but what's even more awesome is that it seems like it wasn't even planned -- he just decided to grab the mic for an "impromptu performance" during a timeout in the first quarter.

That's something to smile about.

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