Selena Gomez Just Had The Best Reaction To Ryan Seacrest Calling Her Single Status 'S.A.D'

Selena is single and loving it.

Selena Gomez may be single, but that doesn't mean she spent her Valentine's Day alone and feeling sad. Nope. As she told Ryan Seacrest on the Grammys red carpet Monday night, she spent the day with her girlfriends.

"I was with my best friends," Gomez said about her Valentine's Day. "We're all single." To which Seacrest replied, "I call it singles awareness day -- S.A.D." Needless to say, the Internet was not impressed.

SelGo was having none of Seacrest's mansplaining, saying that her night was anything but sad. Instead, she and her single friends had a fun dinner before going back to "the house to hang out." It was a very chill day for Selena, just the way she likes it.

To follow-up her ~ chill ~ Valentine's Day, Gomez and bestie Taylor Swift showed up to the Grammys as each other's dates. (Can you say hottest couple on the red carpet?) Dressed in a shimmering, sleek blue Calvin Klein gown, Gomez said she dressed for date night. Swift undoubtedly agreed about her date's on-point look, writing on Instagram, "No big deal just rolled up with the hottest date."

Whether you're single or in a relationship, let's all agree to never call Valentine's Day S.A.D. ever again, okay? Okay.