Onyx Campaigns To "Shut Em Down" On New LP

Rap trio Onyx is back from its two-year hiatus with "Shut Em Down," the follow up to their platinum release, "All We Got Is Us.

The group recently sat down with our colleagues in MTV Radio to discuss their new album and their new agenda: returning street cred to hip-hop.

The [music] industry was goin' through what it was goin' through and now we're here to shut it down! Bring the street back the ruggedness," Sonee Seeza explained.

Hip-hop is original street music!" Fredro Starr added. [article id="1449038"]"Hip-Hop was pluggin' turntables into a [telephone] pole and DJ-ing on the block with no lights! [500k Quicktime][/article] That's hip-hop. Hip-Hop is hoodies, Adidas and boots. You know what I'm sayin'? You can't even get into a club now-a-days in hoodies! And they play Hip-Hop music inside!

I got one little phrase that'll describe the whole album in summary," Sticky Fingaz said. [article id="1449040"]"All

y'all real Willies throw your Rollies in the sky/All my crooks, rob them players outside.' [320 k Quicktime][/article] That describes our whole view of "Shut Em Down" and the whole campaign ONYX is bringing this time around.'

Shut Em Down" is slated for an April 28 release.