Thirsty Furries Are Sexually Harrassing Tony The Tiger And He Doesn't Think It's Grrreat

Tony the Tiger totally doesn't want to frost anyone's flakes, MMK?

Since 1951, Tony the Tiger has been shilling Frosted Flakes cereal to the masses, letting his booming voice, sporty demeanor and positive attitude lead his product to be one of the top three best selling cereals in America.

A lot has changed since the '50s, though, and Tony is finding out the hard way that these new modern times come with some unforeseen... issues.

For the past year, furries -- members of a subculture whose main interest is anthropomorphized animal characters -- have taken a shining to Tony the Tiger on Twitter, where the cereal mascot has a verified account.

In the past, a person (or fox, or dog, or what have you) would long for a celebrity yet could only admire them from afar, but now that times have changed, a few furries have been tweeting Tony unsolicited sexual advances, some way too NSFW to post:

Since this has been going on for well over a year, Tony (or his social media manager) has taken to blocking furries on Twitter -- not just the furries who send him messages like "I want to see the stripes under your shorts Tony," but all the furries he can find.

This, obviously, has upset the furry community.

Yesterday, rival cat mascot and Cheetos spokes-feline Chester Cheetah has offered the furry community a reprieve in the form of his unwavering support for all creatures.

And now, apparently, Chester is just flirting with furries on Twitter.

BuzzFeed reached out to Kellogg's for comment (they write Tony the Tiger's checks, after all,) and Kellogg's said, "As a company grounded in the values of integrity and respect, we recognize people’s right to creative expression, but we reserve the right to block individuals who post offensive content.”

The moral of the story: It's fine to have a crush on Tony the Tiger or Chester the Cheetah, but don't get lewd (unless the other person thinks it's OK.) No one, furry or not, likes getting sexual messages from people they don't know.

Also, Tony is married with two children -- so he's probably not looking for a new mammal to take home. ?

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