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Fabolous Falls For Girl Next Door In New 'Ready' Video

Loso hits Dominican Republic and finds love with hotel housekeeper in new clip, which also features Chris Brown.

Love can be unpredictable, and with his new [article id="1703490"]"Ready"[/article] video, Fabolous experiences a roller coaster of emotions.

The Taj-directed clip -- which premiered on MTV Jams on Wednesday (April 10) -- is set in the Dominican Republic, a nod to Fab's Latino heritage. In the past, we've seen the rap lothario surrounded by plenty of beautiful women, but this time he has his eyes set on just one: a low-key maid with an understated beauty and a zest for life.

On the sultry song, which serves as the first single from Fab's upcoming Loso's Way 2, the Brooklyn MC uses his typical wit to weave a more mature love tale. The video starts off with Loso in his room in at a Caribbean resort getting served breakfast. He's so taken back by his server that he leaves her a $100 tip and then later a gold watch at lunch. As the cinematic clip beats on, with Chris Brown performing in the background, Fab ventures off the resort, driving through the rural campos of the D.R. in search of his new crush. He follows her and eventually gives her a ride home.

"Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana 8pm See You Soon, Mr. Jackson," he writes on a note that he leaves under her door, using his birth name.

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The young lady gushes when she sees the letter and agrees to meet Mr. John Jackson on the beach for dinner. Wearing a long peach-colored dress and her hair down, she now looks drastically different than she does in her work clothes. After a night of passion, Fab lies beside his new lady, the music stops, and the video takes a cinematic break as Loso begins his pillow talk. "I want to give you more, but only if you're ready," he says sincerely.

Clearly derailed by Fab's deep commitment (which includes getting her a passport and, presumably, a move to the States), the young lady runs off only to return to him at the end of the video ... ready for whatever.

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