From Unicorns To Pizza: Miley Cyrus' 13 Best Onesies, Ranked

Long live the onesie.

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to the onesie, which is why it's so surprising it's taken her this long to sport the popular American flag version as seen on Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Justin Bieber, and Kesha. She posted a photo last night of her wearing the patriotic garb and a purple wig, so at least you can't say she didn't add some extra flare to it. While she may be the most recent addition to a long list of patriotic onesie wearers, there's no doubt that Miley is a longtime supporter of your favorite pajamas that are impossible to pee in.

We've rounded up some of her best looks, from the casual to the mythical, to show that Miley has truly turned the onesie into a work of art.

All white

A solid, simple onesie.


Not just gummy bears, not just gummy worms, but gummy bears and gummy worms.

American flag

Nothing says I love the U.S.A. like wearing the American flag over your entire body.

Injured blue thing

The tank onesie is a new twist on an old classic.


Special shout out to Ariana Grande's mouse onesie. Respect.

Other unicorn

Those eyelashes.

Unicorn print

For when you still want to wear a unicorn onesie, but you also want to be subtle.


A onesie that likes pizza is my kind of onesie.


Specifically, Rudolph.

Another unicorn

Bonus points for the pink tummy.

Purple hippo

A onesie with short sleeves so you can let yourself breath a little.

Alien morphsuit

The amount of time it takes to get yourself into one of these earns it a top spot. Also, S/O to the VMAs.


Because duh.

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