Matthew's 'Catfish' May Have Been The Most 'Sophisticated, Convincing' Con Yet

Find out why Nev thought the fraud was lying about absolutely 'everything'

An online fraud may have been the most convincing catfish ever, thanks to a web of intricate -- and seemingly endless -- lies.

On tonight’s episode of the hit show, Atlanta resident Matthew sought help from Nev and guest host/Orange is the New Black actress Kimiko Glenn. Three years before, he’d fallen in love with a man named Chance -- who apparently claimed to be both bisexual and transgender -- and the two talked/texted several times a day, every day. Until recently, that is.

“I made a joke and said, ‘If you don’t come [meet me] this weekend, I’m going to call Catfish,” Matthew said.

And that’s when Chance blocked Matthew on Instagram. *Insert red flag here*

Nev and Kimiko swiftly began their investigation. Their first piece of evidence: Chance’s resume, which Matthew had helped him prepare. They began calling references listed on it, and get this: They got busy signals with each phone number. Then Nev discovered that one of the references wasn’t a former boss at all -- it was Chance’s mother.

“If he lied on his resume, he could be lying about everything,” Nev said. “Chance could be the most thorough, sophisticated, convincing catfish we’ve ever had.”

And the most untruthful. Before long, the investigation led to, drum roll, please…Chance’s girlfriend Randa. She claimed she’d been with Chance for about two-and-a-half years, although Nev doubted her story.

So was Randa telling tales? And was Chase the guy in all those pics he’d send to Matthew? No and yes. When Matthew, Nev, and Kimiko finally came face-to-face with Chase, he was the real deal -- and felt that Matthew should have known he had a girlfriend.

“You should have, like, figured it out,” Chance said, before examining his and Matt's relationship. “Every day, we’ll [text] little stuff here and there, but I do that with everybody.”

Um, okay.

Even worse, he denied being romantically involved with Matt, saying he didn’t even want to “date a dude.” That’s when Kimiko mentioned his bisexuality -- and that’s when Chase went apesh*t.

“That’s not true -- Matthew lied,” he spat, before turning to Matt and saying, “I never told you I dated men, and that’s nobody’s f*cking business.”

After going outside for some air, Chase finally calmed down and decided to apologize to Matthew; after the mea culpa, the two agreed that their relationship was over. In the words of Matt: “There’s no chance at all that I’ll have a real chance with Chance.”

And he was right.

During a catch-up two months later, Matthew reported that Chance was no longer in his life. But now that all is said and done, what do you think: Was Chance giving Matt mixed signals, or did the latter make romantic assumptions? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 8/7c.