On The Couch With 'American Idol' Judge Randy Jackson

Last week I had the chance to interview "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson. It was my first time chatting up the Dawg, so I didn't really know what to expect (other than hearing the word "dawg" a lot, which I did).

Admittedly, I'm not a diehard Randy fan on "Idol." In my recaps, I've accused him of being non-committal, inarticulate and a parakeet to Simon. In person, he was the complete opposite.

As you'll see in the Extended Play, Randy's bursting with opinions and argues them surprisingly well, especially given his "For me, for you, for me, for you, for me" reputation. Granted, I didn't always agree with him, but I appreciated how candid and honest he was. (Heck, I'll even forgive him for continuing that ridiculous "A girl will win 'Idol' this season" talking point the producers keep shoving down our throats.)

This interview got picked up on a lot of "Idol" blogs last week mostly because of the third and fourth segments, where Randy had less-than-glowing words for the musical output of Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. He argued that Adam and Kris put out music that was genre-confused and too different from their "Idol" personas (whereas I felt that the the albums from that season of "Idol" were some of the show's strongest ever).


After our interview wrapped, Randy stuck around so that he and I could continue our friendly argument. I'm not comfortable sharing the content of our talk (the cameras had stopped rolling, after all) but I will share that the little filter Randy had was now shattered to smithereens. As was mine. A healthy (and heated) debate was had by all.

Come 2011, Randy Jackson be the last original member of the "Idol" judging panel, making him Grace Slick to the "American Idol" Starship. Here's hoping he'll be as passionate and eloquent as he was during our interview.

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