Selena Gomez Throws Epic Dance Party With 'Stars Dance' Teasers

Gomez makes good on her promise of serving up dance music on her new album, out July 23.

Selena Gomez wasn't lying when she said that her new album, [article id="1708392"]Stars Dance[/article], was [article id="1707127"]inspired by EDM king Skrillex[/article]. On Monday (July 15), the singer gave fans an early listen to the dance-song-heavy release, officially out on July 23.

While the teasers are short, they also paint a pretty sweet sonic picture of what fans have in store for them on the album, her follow-up to 2011's When the Sun Goes Down. Full of wobbly synths, loopy vocals, fist-pumping beats and crunchy breakdowns, the album takes cues from all walks of music including disco, techno and electronic music, exuding sexy confidence and sassy swagger. It definitely can be classified as "baby dubstep," which how Gomez has previously described it.

It's clear that Gomez just wants to party on the album. The first teaser, with its clappy beat, has her proclaiming, "Tell them it's my birthday/ When I party like that!" (Coincidentally, the album actually drops one day after her 21st birthday.)

When Gomez spoke to MTV News back in May about the album, she made it clear that dancing would be an overarching theme. She noted that she was definitely inspired by her work on the [article id="1704092"]bikini-heavy, Harmony Korine-directed "Spring Breakers,"[/article] which included a dubstep-heavy soundtrack provided by Skrillex.

"To be honest, most of the record actually speeds up once I release [the first single] 'Come & Get It'," she said. "The rest of the record, I've never taken this long to work on a record before. ... It was really fun for me to have more of a creative control and more of a say. I want it to be a mixture of everything I'm obsessed with. I love to dance and I love to make people dance."