2010 MTV Movie Awards: Tom Felton Get An Apology From Mark Wahlberg

Russell Brand had told MTV's Josh Horowitz last night that the thing that every awards show needs is a little bit of crisis. Well, last night's MTV Movie Awards had two: Peter Facinelli's f-bomb slipping past the censors after "New Moon" won Best Movie, and Mark Wahlberg interrupting Tom Felton's Best Villain acceptance speech.

While it wasn't quite up to Kanye proportions (he did threaten that he would "Taylor Swift your ass if I could get down there" as a joke), Mark was heckling Tom to hurry up his speech because he and "The Other Guys" co-star Will Ferrell were dangling from the ceiling as part of a skit.

It was all meant to be funny, except Tom was sweetly trying to thank his girlfriend Jade Olivia and his mom. His mom! Finally, after Mark interrupted him twice, Tom begged him to just let him finish his speech because "hey man, I might never be here again, I've got to take this opportunity." Have we mentioned how much we love him?

Fortunately, the two are totally cool with one another, as we managed to catch a sweet moment between them backstage (press play above!). Check out post-award interaction and the future collaborative works Tom promises the two of them have. Hint: future costars.

Press play below to relive Tom, interrupted:

What did you think of Mark and Tom's MTV Movie Awards moment and post-show makeup?

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