Endless Love: These 'Are You The One?' Couples Are Still Going Strong

Definitive proof that relationships 'can' flourish outside of paradise

There are many ways to meet the one -- but a select and distinctive few were able to become acquainted with and fall for their partner during a truly unique dating experiment. Viva Truth Booths and beams of light!

In honor of these Are You the One? success stories (featuring perfect matches and non-scientific pairings) and the 22 men and women who will attempt to follow in their footsteps (beginning on January 11 at 9/8c!), we're taking a fond look back at the sweethearts whose love stories have flourished outside the confines of the Boom Boom Room paradise.

Amber and Ethan

The Season 1 fan favorites experienced a whirlwind first year together: They got engaged, learned they were pregnant, got married AND welcomed daughter Scarlett. Fast-forward to the present, and the Diamonds are still going strong -- and have become the definitive poster couple for all future guys and gals who want to emerge from the experience with a special someone.

Jenni and Curtis

Even though the Californian admitted during the reunion that he was initially attracted to the blond beauty, the Season 2 twosome pursued other people during their televised tenure (to boot, they were not deemed compatible by the team experts). But soon enough, they reconnected, and now the rest is AYTO adorable history.

Hannah and Zak

During the 11th hour, the Season 3 alums were shocked that they did not represent a beam of light (we were too...). But that didn't stop their romance during the homestretch in Hawaii or in the real world.

Britni and Chuck

A "no match" in the TB be damned, because the Season 3 duo did not cease their budding, amorous liaison. Mermaid/merman unite!

Mikala and Cameron

Mikameron were the earliest confirmed PM in the series' history -- proof that when you know, you know. They are currently living together in LA and are even proud parents (to a non-human).

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