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The Lowest Of The Low: A Collection Of Paris Hilton's Pants

Some of these are skirts, just be cool about it

In a recent video for Vogue, Paris Hilton shared her closet with the world -- specifically her hoards of low-waisted jeans, of which she proudly has over a hundred pairs. Over the years, Paris has become synonymous with early 2000s fashion, be it Von Dutch, halter tops, or tiny dogs you carry around like accessories. If you wore it in 2000-2007, Paris probably wore it first (and best). To honor her massive closet and impact on fashion, join me in taking a took back at the lowest of her low-slinging jeans.

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Melbourne Cup Carnival 2003

The distance between the top of that hat and the top of her pants is roughly miles.

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Reebok, Jay-Z , Baron Davis and Belvedere Vodka Host NBA After Party

The year was 2004, if you couldn't already tell.

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Mercedes-Benz Shows LA - Joey and T Fall 2003 Collection

A 5''x2'' strip of cloth can actually double as a miniskirt. Never say Paris isn't resourceful.

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2004 Park City - 7 For All Mankind Jeans House

She is wearing every shade of pink in this photo.

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Avalon Hollywood Grand Opening - Arrivals

Paris loves sports and low-waisted jeans.

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2003 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

The thong strap is part of the outfit, duh.

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The 2003 Billboard Music Awards - Red Carpet

This is actually a miniskirt. It's just resting very low on her body so it looks longer.

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Jeremy Scott Fashion Show Sponsored by Gillette Passion Venus - Backstage

Some items to note in this photo: low-riding velour pants, flip phone resting over said velour pants, Von Dutch shirt, Jeremy Scott's hair.

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2004 Park City - Merecedes Benz in Park City 2004 - Paris Hilton and Nick Carter with Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Just because it's cold and you're dating Nick Carter doesn't mean your pants can't hang as low as they normally would.

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Anand Jon Fall 2001 fashion show

Her underwear matches her eye shadow. So good.

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The 2003 Kerrang Music Awards

Fashion tip: Even if your skirt is short, it can still hang as low as possible!

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The lower the jeans, the closer to ... the ground, I guess.

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AJ-Armani Jeans and Vibe Celebrate Craig David'

Crotch is basically out.

Teen People and Universal Records Honor Nelly as the 2002 Artist of the Year - Arrivals

Long live Teen People, long live fishnet, long live Paris.

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Ivar Nightclub Grand Opening Party

Isn't like ... her butt hanging out?

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Animal Factory Film Premiere

Gotta reveal that bedazzled rainbow tat.

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Lloyd Klein Fashion Show