What Are The Critics Already Saying About 'Ant-Man?'

Anyone else ANTxious to see this movie now?

On Thursday night (June 25), a whole bunch of lucky geeks and entertainment writers -- although let's be real, those aren't mutually exclusive categorizations -- got to see Marvel's latest movie "Ant-Man" long before it's July 17th release date.

And spoiler alert! For the most part, the response is good. Like, really good. F-ANT-tastic, even.


ant man

Don't believe us? Check out these tweets from the people in attendance at last night's screenings.

The movie has a small scope.

Courtesy of our own Alex Zalben, who always intends every pun he says.

It's also VERY strange.

Weirder than a talking tree and a raccoon? Okay, I'll bite.

Probably because it's so much funnier, apparently.

It also might take you a bit to get warmed up...

But basically it's the heistiest of heist movies.

And Michael Pena rocked it.

Having seen some clips of his performance at a recent ILM editing bay visit, I can confirm that his character is fantastic.

There are two very ginormous end credit sequences.

Of course not EVERYONE liked it.

But if you're into abs, at least you'll love those.

And if you're a huge Marvel fan, you'll dig all the references.

But most likely, you won't be disappointed.

"Ant Man" hits theaters July 17.

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