QUIZ: Which ‘90s Fictional Feminist Are You?

Spoiler: They're all amazing

Feminism is the furthest thing from a fad, but in the '90s it was pretty trendy for movies and TV shows -- well, the good ones anyway -- to have strong (of mind, body, and spirit) female characters who waxed poetic about the patriarchy and refused to bend to societal norms.

Not only did we get GIF fare galore thanks to that pop culture uptick ...

Touchstone Pictures

What did I miss Kat

... but we were also introduced to some ridiculously rad young ladies who reminded us that it was/is/always will be *cool* to disregard the mansplainers and do what we want to do, when, where and how we want to do it.

Let's find out which of these great gals is your true spirit sister, yeah?

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