Sarah Jessica Parker Picks Her Favorite 'Sex And The City 2' Scene

'When I got to that stuff, I thought, 'All bets are off,' ' Parker says of scene involving Aidan.

In "Sex and the City 2," opening Thursday, Carrie makes a trek with her girls to Abu Dhabi, where she runs into [article id="1639564"]onetime love Aidan[/article]. While fans are already weighing in on the great [article id="1639921"]Mr. Big vs. Aidan[/article] debate, Sarah Jessica Parker told MTV News it was that pivotal scene in which the exes meet again that stands out as her "favorite."

"One of my favorite, favorite scenes that [director/screenwriter Michael Patrick King] wrote, and I can't explain why, is when Carrie is in the souk and she buys the pair of shoes and she talks to the beautiful man -- that great actor who played the merchant -- and then she turns around and she sees Aidan," Parker said.

The actress, whose turn as Carrie Bradshaw in both TV and film has made the character iconic, said that credit for those memorable scenes belongs to King.

"When I got to that stuff [about Aidan], I thought, 'All bets are off.' I just loved the way he wrote that entire middle section of the movie," Parker continued. "I love everything that he wrote, but that, visually, just in terms of the visual, it just really was arresting."

Parker explained that during the filmmaking process she's "so much a part of the beginning," but she falls back once King starts working his magic on a script.

"He really does go away and lock himself up and write alone," she said. "And it really is a solitary endeavor. ... There were visuals that were really, really, really important for me when I was first reading the script. Michael writes visuals as beautifully as he does words."

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